What If...

... every faithful congregation of the church of Christ, no matter how small, had its own website?

... each website was built with a focus on winning souls to Christ and exhorting the members of the congregation?

... each website had a built-in opportunity for members of the congregation to be involved in personal evangelism?

Could we...

... reach more of the 5 billion internet users with the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

... gain greater recognition of the Lord's church in each congregation's community?

... see more souls brought to Jesus and added to His church through obedience to His Gospel?

Our mission:

It's simple. Spread the Gospel. We're not concerned about the size of the church for which we create a site. In fact, even the smallest of churches can have a worldwide impact with God's truth through a website. Our concern is helping each sound and faithful congregation of the church of Christ have a professionally designed, evangelistically focused website to aid them in reaching the lost in their communities as well as around the world.

We can design your site to your specifications, but we have created a template site (view a live example) that will help keep your costs down and give you access to some powerful features. A site built with this template contains:

  • An online, interactive Bible study (try it for yourself)
  • RSS feed that provides a regular supply of great Bible-oriented articles from faithful members of the church of Christ
  • The ability to post recorded sermons and Bible classes as well as a link to stream worship periods and Bible classes.
  • A "members only" area for sensitive information that should only be seen by the membership.
  • A photo gallery
  • An events calendar

And by the way, earlier we mentioned small congregations. If you are a member of a congregation that is receiving outside financial support, we have a way for you to get a site. Generous donors are waiting for opportunities to help small churches establish an online presence. Be sure to ask us about this.